Who am I?

My love for music, is the primary reason I have decided to write about it in this blog. But there are a lot of individuals who do not understand what music is.

So what is music?

Music is a type of entertainment in which sounds are put together in such a way to produce harmony, expression or beauty of a form. It is an instrumental sound that involves an organization melody, harmony and rhythm.


Pitch- these are the low and high notes. Music tunes have notes that go up and down or remain at a steady pitch.

Dynamic – if it’s loud or quite or just in-between.

Rhythm – this is the way musical tone and silence are combined in a sequence. Every music has a beat.

Timbre- is the way the quality of the music sounds. Timbre can be flat, piercing, mellow, resonant, breathy, dark etc.

So what is Music? There is no simple specific definition to describe music, as definitions tend to vary from cultures and eras. It’s what you feel, it’s a form of art, an opinion, as long as it has sound qualities like pitch, rhythm, timbre, melody etc.

I will be talking about music in greater detail throughout this blog. Stay tuned for some more awesome content.